This past winter within the snowy woods of Maine, after a discussion of our interests and their intermingling with our environmental concerns, Amy and I decided to spend our summer on a journey of experiential learning revolving around sustainable agriculture and living.  After much time with our noses in the WWOOF directory, Amy and I were fortunate to discover St. Francis Farm. 

        In the short while we have been here, we have worked with Joanna in the garden and greatly enjoyed the stories and songs shared among seedlings, weeds, and compost. We have assisted in the milking of Shasta and Poppy, the farm’s lovely Alpine goats.  After which Lorraine taught us how to make Cider Vinegar Queso Blanco.  Along with the goat cheese, Lorraine has produced marvelous meals consisting of the farm’s asparagus, onions, lettuce, pigs, eggs, and homemade bread.  These meals were accompanied by interesting discussions on lifestyle, environmental ethics, books and beyond.  The conversations continued after supper time as we enjoyed some of the many trails on this 180 acre farm. These walks heightened our environmental awareness as we were informed of the various bird songs, nesting areas, and other plants and wildlife such as napping baby raccoons and trillium that were pointed out to us on the way. 

        Amy and I are grateful to have found this area of common ground and growth and feel that St. Francis Farm has acted as a fertile beginning to our journey and research of sustainability in the environments and minds of America. Thank you Joanna, Zachary, and Lorraine for thoughts, teachings, and interest. 

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